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EL Department Goals

Mrs. Jerri Lynn Levers, EL Department Head

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  • Ensure that English learners acquire full proficiency in English as rapidly and effectively as possible and attain parity with native speakers of English.

  • Ensure that English learners, within a reasonable period of time, achieve the same rigorous grade-level academic standards that are expected of all students.

  • Increase the percentage of EL students who achieves proficiency in English Language Arts and Math

  • Increase and prepare EL students for college and career readiness

  • Increase the percentage of EL parent participation

  • Our team will provide parents of ELs with the following information:

  • Identification as EL

  • Program placement options and notification

  • English language proficiency level, as determined by CELDT/ELPAC results and any local English Proficiency assessment used

  • Academic achievement level and reclassification information

  • At the high school level, graduation requirements and annual notification of their student progress toward meeting those requirements