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FEV Math Tutoring

1:1 Math Intensive (Tier 3) Tutoring Online

Connecting Waters (CW) Students


We are excited to announce FEV Math Tutoring Online is now available to Tier 2 and Tier 3 students as an approved Tier 3 option and will be subsidized with LCAP as funds allow.  This is for students in grades 3-12 who have not yet passed Algebra 1 and struggle with their math skills.  SPED Students are STRONGLY encouraged to enroll!

We received great feedback from our pilot program last semester. Students who used FEV made great progress in their math skills.  Tutoring takes place online, is 1:1 student / instructor ratio, and students meet 3 times per week for an hour as their schedule allows.  The program is flexible.  We encourage you to sign your struggling math students up for this program, especially if other Tier 3 options have not been successful.  The FEV staff will assist with contacting the family to schedule sessions and re-schedule missed appointments to assist with increased accountability. 

Instructors and students communicate via a chat box and white board, however, Parents/ESs can request text-to-speech options if the student is a struggling reader, and speech-to-text options if the student is not proficient in typing.  

All students have access to FEV Tutor's entire set of Learning Style Options.  They designed their platform in this way to give students the option to gravitate to whatever mode of communication works best for them and to avoid running into the frequent internet bandwidth / tech issues often tied to heavy video and voice applications. 

·  Auditory (Text-to-Speech) - this is on by default and can be deactivated anytime clicking the mute button that looks like a volume symbol.

·  Digital (Chat Box) - primary mode of communication for many students who prefer the anonymous nature of chat and want to work on their digital communication skills.

·  Kinesthetic - (Hands-On Tools) - always available for students to interact on the canvas. 

·  Verbal - (1-Way Student Voice) - students can speak directly back to their tutors. There is no Speech-to-Text. It's a direct line of 1-way student voice communication. To activate this option, students just have to notify their tutors.

In general, if students would like to activate the Verbal Communication 1-way student voice option they just need to notify their tutors. 

To sign your student up for FEV Tutoring:  

1-Sign your student up in SIS under the OML Class Dropdowns (parents ask your ES to do this). If OML is closed, please use PO process with the rate of $25/hour. Vendor is listed as Focus Care, Inc. dba FEV Tutor, Inc. (VCI) in OPS. 

2-Parents, please ask your ES to Complete the survey

3-Let your parent know they can call to schedule their sessions. There is no wait time!

Students, Parents, or Teachers should contact FEV Tutor's Support Team directly to set their weekly tutoring schedule. FEV Tutor offers flexible scheduling 7 Days per week from 7:00am - 10:00pm (actual sessions must take place during school hours).

  Email with the following information:

o Student Name

o Preferred Tutoring Day/Time #1

o Preferred Tutoring Day/Time #2

o Preferred Tutoring Day/Time #3

B·  Call 855-763-2607 if you'd like to speak directly to one of FEV's Engagement Specialist about a personalized schedule and plan for your student

To meet the qualifications for the FEV OML, students:

*must be in grades 3-11

*must be Tier 3 in math

*should not have passed Algebra 1 yet

*must have regular access to a computer with Internet service

*must be willing to commit to a minimum of 3 hours per week of online tutoring (day and time of their choosing)

*must continue to complete MCAP monthly

No other curriculum is needed for the intervention, but please continue to use grade level core math curriculum and instruction.  This does not replace core, grade level instruction.  The student does not have to continue with other Tier 3 Math Intervention programs during their participation.


There is no charge to the Instructional Funding Account for this service, but space is limited.

Tier 1 students who wish to sign students up for FEV online math tutoring and/or homework assistance may do so using the PO process with the rate of $25.00/hour.  

Cancellations and all other scheduling & support cases can be sent directly to 24/7 Support Team at