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Developmental Reading Classes Now Available

Dear Parents and ESs;

Does your student struggle to decode and/or comprehend what the read? They may benefit from Corrective Reading. We are proud to offer SRA Corrective Reading. This program has proven to be very successful with our students.

Corrective Reading provides intensive direct instruction-based reading intervention for students in Grades 3–Adult who are reading below grade level. This Direct Instruction reading intervention program delivers tightly sequenced, carefully planned lessons that give struggling students the structure and practice necessary to become skilled, fluent readers and better learners.

Students attend classes online via our Elluminate web-based classroom with our credentialed instructors four days per week.  This program also meets the Intensive Intervention requirements of your student’s Personalized Learning Improvement Plan within the RtI Program.  If you are interested in signing your student up or curious to see if they can benefit from the program, please contact your ES for a copy of the placement test to administer.  Placement results can be emailed to your ES along with your request for placement in the appropriate course (below). 


Check out the comments from parents and students of these classes!

“I love the daily classes, which I feel are imperative for children. The classes are short frequent bursts of information which require auditory and visual processing, and require the child to work through delays in those areas. I think my children previously felt beaten down emotionally. The Developmental Reading classes give them positive feedback from the other students and the quick gratification has made a huge difference.”

 ~Gail, Parent

"I think the class is really great. If students take the class seriously, then they can really learn a lot."

~Michael, Student

“Developmental Reading is a great class!  It is helpful and I learned a lot from it. I would take this class very seriously because it improved my reading skills.”

~Alicia, Student

“…Every day, he is waiting for his class with excitement and a smile.  I feel happy because it is four days a week for the whole semester.  I looked for a tutor before and I couldn't find him one. Thanks to online reading classes, I got the help I was looking for without leaving my home, not extra gas, or driving far and not waiting for a tutor to come to my house.”

~R.T., Parent

My daughter took Developmental Reading and it made marked improvement in her reading abilities… She is now able to read at her grade level with ease.   I would definitely recommend to anyone who has a student struggling with reading to give this class a try.”

~Melissa, Parent

“Before S. took this class, he was one of the last ones to complete his STAR exam and his scores were low.  Reading was a struggle and he didn’t really enjoy it.  After the class, he completed his testing with the majority of his peers and scored proficient on his exam.”

~J.L., Paren